Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

Yes we are in the middle of summer and I am posting about last years holiday season, that just gives you an idea of how behind on blogging I am!!  Once again, Thanksgiving and Christmas went by in a blur but a good time was had by everyone.  We ate Chinese food for Thanksgiving dinner after I got home from work and Christmas was uneventful.  We purposely kept it pretty simple and I don’t think the kids missed any of the hoopla that normally surrounds that time of year.  I was in my non picture taking mood so I only have a few from the end of of 2013.

Reagan had a Thanksgiving feast at preschool…IMG_6181

She made her own butter and was pretty excited about how it turned out!IMG_6183

Think she is a little enthusiastic?IMG_6187She was really proud of her thankful necklace.  She was thankful for her mom, her dad, and her brother and sister.

I must have taken 25 pictures of the kids after Christmas services at church.  This was the best I got…

IMG_6210They were all so into it

Christmas morning finally came and we were awake bright and early to unwrap presentsIMG_6215 IMG_6217 IMG_6219

Linc’s big present.  We put a lot of effort into the wrapping!  And the big reveal…IMG_6220

A Lego table and organizers for his many pieces (more a present for mom but he was still super excited about them)IMG_6223Maddie got a ball, and didn’t let go of it all day!

Soccer Fall 2013

We put both kids in soccer this past fall (Reagan was beyond excited!).  I finally pulled out the camera for their last games/parties.  Lincoln had a pretty good time playing, he always enjoys the running around.  Reagan learned a lot of new skills, she did not enjoy the running around as much.  The last game of the season we were having trouble getting out the door so I sent Nate and Linc to the game while I finished getting the girls ready.  As we were pulling up to the parking lot I got a call from Nate telling me I had just missed Lincoln’s only goal of the season- I can’t believe I missed it!!  Well, there is always next year. IMG_6060


He sort of loved the trophyIMG_6066His great coach
IMG_6073 IMG_6081

Acting team captain

This is the pose we get whenever we pull out the camera- such a ham!IMG_6091

Maddie was a trooper at every game- she just loves being outsideIMG_6119 IMG_6126

My awesome hubbyIMG_6135

Such joyIMG_6145 IMG_6149

Can you tell how much she adores that trophy?
IMG_6158 IMG_6160 IMG_6169Reagan’s awesome coach

Back to blogging…

So I have taken a six month break from blogging, mostly because I just stopped taking pictures for several months so there wasn’t much to put on a blog.  I don’t really have a reason for why I stopped taking pictures, we just got a little busy around here with a few trips out of town, family visiting, the holidays, home renovation and school projects.  But mostly I was just tired of viewing my kids lives through a camera lens, so I stepped back and took a little break to enjoy life in real time.  But now I am missing having a record of everything we do around here so back to blogging I go.  I took a small trip to Chicago in November to see my parents.  I only brought Maddie with me, which was weird, and Nate stayed home to be super dad with Lincoln and Reagan.  I’m always a little disappointed when I leave Nate in charge of our house and kids because he usually does a way better job than me!  I secretly hope that when I get home everything will be in chaos but, of course, his mother raised him right and the house is clean, the kids are following their schedule and I just generally feel unneeded:)  It was fun to be in Chicago, I even had the chance to catch up with one of my best friends from high school who I haven’t seen in 12 years- she was as beautiful, fun, and amazing as ever!  The only picture I took of the whole trip was this one of Madison and my brother’s youngest boy, Austin (two little troublemakers)IMG_6058

Halloween 2013

Halloween was fun this year, definitely not my favorite holiday but the kids enjoy dressing up and getting candy.  We started the day of with Reagan’s preschool party (Lincoln’s school doesn’t allow dressing up- they get a pajama day instead).  Reagan had a Halloween Fiesta to close out her school’s geography unit on Mexico.
IMG_5992IMG_5994Madison was so excited about the plastic play food!

Happy girl with her Halloween cookieIMG_6004The whole class waiting for the pinata
IMG_6008When did she get so old?
IMG_6023Grabbing the candy
IMG_6031Best Friends Evie and Leighton
IMG_6034Our house before the big night, decorating didn’t really happen this year
IMG_6038Batman, a Pumpkin, and Sofia the First- my gosh I love these cute kids!
IMG_6045Reagan’s pumpkin- it’s supposed to be Sofia the first

Lincoln’s Pumpkin- an Angry BirdIMG_6047We took our cute neighbor Austin with us, Maddie wasn’t so sure about his mask
IMG_6050The only picture of them actually trick or treating (super blurry)

We had a fun time and the kids got WAY too much candy but we are rationing it, at the pace we are going they might have some left by the time Easter rolls around!  Another fun holiday, now to prep for our simple family Thanksgiving and then the slippery slope to Christmas…


We went to Disney World!!  My dream finally came true and we loved every second of it!  The idea started a few months ago when we realized we wouldn’t be taking a vacation this summer due to many scheduling challenges.  We get itchy feet very easily and I told Nathan I wanted to get out of town this fall for a few days.  In Nathan’s mind he was thinking this meant a camping trip to the mountains or a few days in Savannah.  Little did he know I was thinking about a trip to Disney World.  When we first learned we would be transferring to Atlanta I immediately researched how far the drive to Disney would be (a mere seven hours) and began dreaming of our yearly trip to the World!  So we planned and planned and somehow our trip became a reality last week when we spent three days in Orlando (only one of which was spent at the Magic Kingdom but there is always next year).  Anyone who knows us knows that when we do a Disney trip we REALLY do a Disney trip.  I am not a fan of standing in lines all day or really waiting of any kind so we use the Ridemax software which maps out which ride you should ride when so you don’t have to wait.  This is our third time using Ridemax and we have always had wonderful results.  This time was no different, our longest wait for a ride was four minutes.  Our longest wait of the day was standing in line to order lunch!  We saw 24 different attractions and even had time to ride Dumbo and Buzz Lightyear twice!  The kids were total troopers considering we arrived at the park about 7am and didn’t leave until 10pm- Reagan fell asleep before fireworks and Maddie was a little grouchy at the end but they hung in there!  The whole day was magical and during the drive home we looked at homes to buy in Orlando- if only we could go everyday!  We are hoping to go again next fall, it can’t get here soon enough.  A very special thank you to Aunty Carroll who made our entire family cute shirts so we could match inside the park!  We took very few photos since we were so busy but here are a few of our adventures at the Happiest Place on Earth…IMG_5849

The first day we rode the monorail around the parks- the kids thought it was a ride!IMG_5856We stopped at the Grand Floridian and let the kids play at the beach…they were in heaven!

This pretty much sums me up for the entire trip- texting mom, trying to keep Maddie away from the water, and grabbing something for Lincoln out of my hiking pack (not a fanny pack!!)IMG_5859 IMG_5897

Maddie wasn’t big enough for the cars so we used rider swap and the other two got to ride twice!IMG_5904Reagan and I after our ride

On the teacupsIMG_5911

Look at the joy, they all looked like this most of the day!IMG_5913 IMG_5914

Happy to be on Small WorldIMG_5915

Maddie LOVED Small World- this was her face the entire ride.  She kept pointing to the dolls and saying “ohhhh”IMG_5918Reagan met the princesses- she was too shy to say a word to them but she stared at them a lot
IMG_5920This Cinderella was too cute
IMG_5921More staring and adoration
IMG_5923Snow White was beautiful as well
IMG_5925Waiting for the afternoon parade- the two strollers worked perfectly!
IMG_5927 IMG_5930Waiting for the stage show to being, Reagan got to see all the princesses up close and personal
IMG_5939 IMG_5941 IMG_5944 IMG_5955

One picture with the Mickey Ears…can you see how excited Maddie was about those things?  Our day was winding down (Reagan pooped out about 5 minutes after we took this picture) and they were all a little done taking pictures!IMG_5959

The next day we hit up Downtown Disney, Lincoln would take up residence at the Lego store if he couldIMG_5965 IMG_5971

The Disney Store there has an entire room devoted to Princesses, Reagan LOVED it!IMG_5974 IMG_5978Nate and I loved every second, especially the food- who doesn’t love a Mickey ice cream bar?

Lincoln’s 6th Birthday

Our five months of family birthdays came to an end on Sept. 27th when our baby boy turned six…where did the time go?  Lincoln enjoyed a day of celebrating that included lunch at school with mom (and little sisters in tow) and birthday treats for his whole class.  He refused to let us celebrate until after 5:00p since he wasn’t born until then.  But when 5:00 finally rolled around he was so excited to open his presents and eat his cake he was jumping all over the house!  Since mom had to go to work that night, we did cake as soon as dad walked in the door (even though we hadn’t had dinner yet!)  All Lincoln wanted was Legos so we splurged on the BIG set- the Star Wars Rancor pit.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t remember that part- the Rancor is the name of the animal at Jabba’s palace that almost eats Luke (who actually knew that thing had a name?)  IMG_5828 IMG_5831

Do you see that little face down there?IMG_5837

She couldn’t wait to get her hands on some cake!

Reagan’s First Day of School

Reagan started school about four weeks after Lincoln, probably the longest four weeks of her life!  Everyday we would take Linc to the bus and Reagan would say- “Mom, is it my turn to go to school?”  It seemed like her day would never come but eventually September rolled around and off to school she went.  I was nervous about how Reagan would do, she is definitely our shy child, but she walked right in and sat down, ready to start class.  It helped that she has the same teachers that Lincoln had last year so they already knew all about Reagan.  We LOVE Ms Debbie and Ms Jennifer and they have loved having Reagan, everyday is a new story about how sweet she is and the cute things she says in class.  We sure got lucky with our beautiful little girl.  IMG_5784 IMG_5791 IMG_5803 IMG_5809

Lincoln’s First Day of School

Lincoln started Kindergarten this year and boy was he ready to go…a summer spent doing nothing was a little too boring for Linc.  His bus comes at 7:10 every morning and that first morning was a little rough for me (Lincoln and Reagan are always up at 6:30 anyway) but I am adjusting to being a morning person.  He loves school and his teacher loves him so we are happy- let’s hope he keeps it up for the next 20 years or so.  IMG_5707 IMG_5685

His bus driver, Ms Carol- she’s awesomeIMG_5657

“MOM, it’s still dark outside”IMG_5660

Should anyone really be awake when the street lamps are still  on?IMG_5661

Waiting patiently in lineIMG_5664 IMG_5666I may have started crying at this point…at least I kept it together until he got on the bus

A Night at Town Center

One of the best parts of living in Suwanee is all the beautiful parks and greenways that they have in town.  One Sunday evening this summer (in between rainstorms) we took the family to Suwanee Town Center to run around and play.  We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and having a little free space to run around.IMG_5558 IMG_5568 IMG_5578 IMG_5585 IMG_5622 IMG_5647The city displayed a piece of the Berlin Wall this summer and we did our best to explain to the kids what that wall represented

Losing Teeth

Lincoln is now at the age where he is losing teeth and, I won’t lie, it kind of grosses me out a little.  He was super excited about the whole process and was REALLY happy when he lost his first two teeth on the same day!  He saved them in a little baggie and the tooth fairy brought him a couple quarters that night.  I realize pinterest has about 500 cute tooth fairy ideas but this mom went old school- he put the tooth under his pillow and in the morning there was money.  We did not write any tiny notes, sprinkle any magic fairy dust, or leave a glass of water for the tooth fairy to take a bath in- nada zip zero (it’s how we roll around here).  But Lincoln was excited just the same and is now constantly checking his other teeth for any “wiggling” so he can earn more money to put towards his ever expanding lego collection.

IMG_5546 IMG_5547 IMG_5550


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